The navigation system of your Soul

by Jan 19, 2021Divine Inspiration

This morning I woke up and opened the window.

I suddenly remembered those times as I was dreaming of a life in a small German village, near by the Alps.

Now, it is true. I live here. Near the German Alps, in Allgäu.


As I was 19 years old, I packed my back bag and said goodbye to my Finnish blood family. I went to study Sports and Social Science in Germany, Göttingen.

But you know, as I applied for my studies at the University of Göttingen, I had never been to this city before. I knew nobody there. But I had this unconscious inner feeling of just going there.


So I remember as I stood at the train station in Göttingen for the first time. I felt, I was home. But in this life, I had never been there before.


I knew nobody and did not know anything about German University system. But I felt so home. I walked the streets of Göttingen and I loved it.


That time, those studies, all the people and all situations that came across my path in those four years in Göttingen were like pure magic and guidance. Those days I did not understand it from this perpective. Now I do.


Today morning I was sitting in a meditation. Suddenly some past life memories of Göttingen became alive in my field of consciousness. I was able to remember very detailled information of me being a professor of German language at the University of Göttingen. I saw my family that time and was able to remember who my wife and my children were.


This all just makes so much sense and I am forever grateful for this memory that has been alive few times before already. And the coolest thing about this is that already quite early in this incarnation I have been able to activate those German language skills and use them in my life. In this incarnation as Vera I loved the University library of Göttingen and spend there all my days studying until late night. I honestly felt like living those tendencies of a professor again.

Between these lines you can read: In our being, there is a navigation system restored. All memories of all life times are restored in the memory of our soul. This is such an intelligent high tech system. Through this system you have the access to any experience you have had in this or other life times. Additionally, this system offers you the opportunity to always stay on track. Basicly, if you miss to turn left in a cross over, the divine navigation system will guide you an other way to the same goal.


But, as human beings we have become a magic wand that we call FREE WILL. We have the opportunity to decide when to follow the guidance of the inner system. The more in-tune and on-line we are, the easier it becomes to flow through life. Imagine, each and every living being has that system within.


Are you using your system and keeping it up-date? Are you on-line?


To be on-line means to be in tune and aligned with One Self. Can you hear that sweet, soft voice of your Soul?


If you don’t update the maps of your navigation system, you might still run along the old roads. So to say, if your navigation system is too long off-line, no updates are possible.


I see a humanity that is on-line and follows the divine plan restored within. Are you in? Are you ready to follow your divine plan?


Blessings from this big human heart of mine,



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